• Workforce & Career Services

    Workforce and career programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. They are offered to people who are seeking work, want to improve their work-related skills, or want greater financial stability that comes with a better job. These programs also provide assistance to employers who are looking for trained, qualified employees. Delivery of services is structured to maximize availability and provision of assistance from a single portal, or "One-Stop" center, with a focus on customer choice and satisfaction.


    Workforce and career services range from information about local job listings to financially supported occupational training. Included are job referrals, assessment of education and skill levels, career counseling, assistance with obtaining occupational credentials or educational certificates, job placement assistance and supportive services. Beyond information and referral, services are tailored to meet the abilities and needs of individual customers, and supported by professionals in the workforce development field.


    Assistance is provided generally to adults and youth who meet minimal eligibility requirements and to populations with special needs, including migrant and other seasonally employed farm workers. Specific Eligibility Criteria may also be viewed.