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    We empower individuals, improve communities.



    Our mission is to provide educational services, but these don’t always occur in a classroom.

    Telamon-TRC staff members teach customers to access resources in their community, overcome barriers to employment or manage their finances. While not every service we provide will lead directly to better jobs and better lives, what we do often lays the foundation upon which our customers can build a better future.

    In 2017, we served 26,667 customers at 124 locations in 11 states through our three core areas.


    We promote early childhood education through our Head Start programs — and encourage parents — with diverse services, from child development education to family support services.

    Telamon-TRC provides services primarily through Head Start centers in six states:
    Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Tennessee.


    Success Story: A parent becomes an advocate

    Octavia, Sampson County, North Carolina

    Since October 2011, Octavia has evolved from a new Early Head Start mother to a staunch supporter of all things Telamon. It started when her first daughter Zyia enrolled in Early Head Start and received a referral for speech therapy. Octavia saw how the intervention gave Zyia greater confidence. As a work-from-home mom with a cosmetology license, Octavia volunteers regularly at the center when she is available. She advocates that all families enroll their toddlers in some form of early childhood program. She promotes Telamon Head Start on Facebook and Twitter. Octavia was nominated by the North Carolina Head Start Association as Parent of the Year in 2015. She also became President of North Carolina’s Policy Council. She is tireless in her efforts to help other families see how they too can build better lives with Telamon on their side.


    We link youth and adults to educational opportunities that lead to better jobs and careers.

    Telamon-TRC provides workforce training services in ten states:
    Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland-Delaware, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.


    Success Story: Student helps herself to help others

    Bethany, Indianapolis, Indiana

    When Bethany enrolled in TRC’s Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program, she was reserved and cautious. But she had the drive to help sick children. Bethany’s personal stay at Riley Children’s Hospital instilled in her a desire to work in the medical profession.

    Raised by an unemployed mom with only a high school diploma, Bethany overcame many obstacles. When she started high school, she had a 2.3 grade-point average and struggled with reading and math skills at fifth-grade levels. Then in her senior year she found TRC’s JAG program and a new direction.

    Bethany, an aspiring medical paraprofessional, received the competitive JAG state award for Outstanding Senior in 2016. She plans to attend Ivy Tech Community College while working as an EMS paraprofessional. Then she will pursue her bachelor’s in nursing, radiology or pathology. With support from TRC, she’s paving the way for a bright future.


    Success Story: Migrant worker driven to succeed

    José, Michigan

    José’s journey is inspiring. A migrant worker from Mexico, he worked in a Michigan nursery until he was laid off. With limited English and no driver’s license, he couldn’t find housing or work.

    When he arrived at Telamon, he was frightened and hesitant to seek services but was in dire need of glasses, hygiene items — even food. Despite his trepidation, José wanted to improve his life.

    With compassionate support and guidance from Telamon Michigan staff, José pursued the education he needed to become a CDL driver. He is employed at Tyson Foods as a hi-low driver with higher wages and a better life.

    Telamon-TRC is partner of the American Job Center network. Telamon What We Do 15


    We provide support to individuals and families, leading to financial security, stable housing, and homeownership if they choose.

    Telamon-TRC provides housing & financial empowerment services in eight states:
    Georgia, Indiana, Maryland-Delaware, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.


    Success Story: Single mom buys home to call her own

    Cindy, Virginia

    Cindy contacted Telamon with bad credit but lots of hope. She wanted to take her son out of subsidized public housing unit that had become her home. She and her Telamon counselor gathered around her kitchen table to discuss her future. Cindy made the decision to tackle her credit issues. With the help of her counselor, she contacted debtors and paid off delinquent accounts. Her score rose significantly. In 2008, she became a home owner for the first time. Today, she lives in the same home and works as the Unit Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Chatham, Virginia. She carries the Telamon spirit full circle by giving back to the community.


    An important part of our mission is to be an engaged partner that contributes to the local community. That means working with community service providers to ensure our customers thrive. Won’t you join us?

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