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    Mortgage Payment Program and Second Mortgage Refinance Program

    Telamon provides counseling and assistance to families in developing and submitting applications to the NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund to keep their home out of foreclosure.

    We help homeowners in Wake, Durham, Johnston, Franklin, Lee, Harnett and other nearby counties who are struggling to pay their mortgage due to job loss or other temporary financial hardships.

    If your goal is to obtain employment that will allow you to keep your home, we can provide temporary assistance to pay your mortgage while you search or train for a new job. All counseling services and financial assistance are provided at no cost to you.

    For qualified homeowners, the Mortgage Protection Program provides an interest-free loan that may be able to:

    • pay your mortgage and other related expenses for up to 36 months while you search or retrain for new employment.
    • bring your mortgage current

    The Second Mortgage Refinance Program may help pay off your second mortgage if you are currently employed and have a second mortgage that is unaffordable because of prior job loss or reduced income.

    Contact us for more information on the Mortgage Payment or Second Mortgage Refinance Program

  • On-Line Homebuyer Education Certified Course

    Used by more than 100 homeownership counseling agencies in more than 40 states to provide education, counseling and certification.

    This course should be taken by first time homebuyers, borrowers who need homebuyer education certificates to qualify for a loan, individuals looking to become more educated about homeownership and homeowners who are working with local housing counselors.

    • complete at your own pace
    • animated videos covering all material
    • easy to read content with highlighted keywords
    • quizzes throughout course to ensure understanding
    • instant access to local homeownership counselors
    • printable certificate at end of course
    • course available in English and Spanish

  • To enroll in the course login at www.eHomeAmerica.org/tcnc