• 2015 Annual Report - Our Values, Our Vision

    We are pleased to announce the publication of our 2015 Annual Report - Our Values, Our Vision. This year’s report highlights customers and staff member who embody our organization’s Core Values. These stories highlight the impact we make in the lives of those we serve and in the heart of the communities in which we serve. They inspire us daily, and we hope that you will be inspired by reading their stories.

    2015 Annual Report

    Welcome to Telamon Corporation

    Telamon brings human services to people and communities in twelve states, doing business in two of them as Transition Resources Corporation. Chartered as a nonprofit organization, our purpose is to improve the lives of those in need. We do that through the operation of a diverse array of programs for farmworkers, children from low-income families and other groups with special needs.

    We provide literacy and early childhood education, childcare, job training, emergency services, temporary or permanent housing opportunities, mortgage assistance and a number of others. Our funding partners for these efforts includes federal and state agencies, foundations and tax-deductible, private donations. We invite you to explore our web site for information on our forty-six year history, our services and people, career opportunities, or simply to learn about our name and logo.

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